President – Allen Stone
Vice President – Stephan Masotti
Secretary – Charlie Soto
Treasurer – Paul DelMonte

By-Laws Committee

Chairman – Gerald Mackie
Co-Chairman – John Werner
Paul DelMonte
Kevin McCauley

  • Review and rewrite changes to the by-laws recommended by the membership.
  • Annually, review all by-laws for current applicability; make appropriate and necessary recommendations to the membership.

Club Activities/Marketing Committee

Chairman – Mark DiVenere
Co-Chairman – Todd Smith
Tim Bobroske
John Kuscinkas
Dave Kushlan
Morris Laviero
Thomas Maghni
Stephan Masotti
Justin Radcliffe
Charles Rivard
Bob Such

  • Meet with the Club’s Unit Directors to determine opportunities for increased OM support and involvement in various Club activities.
  • Provide the funds, expertise, manpower and/or materials as appropriate for the repair and upkeep of the Boys and Girls Club as requested and approved by the OM membership.
  • Review all requests for OM funds from the Executive and Program Directors of the Club to support Club activities and make appropriate recommendations to the membership.
  • Plan, coordinate, publicize and schedule the Recognition Dinner in cooperation with the Club staff.
  • Increase awareness of OMs both inside and outside of the Club.
  • Develop a new member plan targeting individuals directly and indirectly involved with the Club.

Membership Committee

Chairman – Don Coombs
Co-Chairman – Dan Newton
Steve Gagné
Vern Koch
Steve Lavoie
Tony Maljevic
Dick Neill

Ex Officio Allen Stone

  • Interview each prospective applicant for membership and recommend approval or disapproval to the membership.
  • Fully define the membership needs and develop specific goals to achieve and maintain a full quality membership.
  • Conduct the initiation ceremony.
  • Review and make recommendations on leave of absence, termination and all types of honorary membership.
  • Work with Club Activities/Marketing on new member plan.

Publicity Committee

Chairman – Steve Gagné
Co-Chairman – Dan Newton
Joe D’Addese
Walt Sisco
John Werner

  • Create publicity for the OMs and our activities to include the OM Show, Installation of Officers, Pasta Dinner and any other OM/BBGC activity.
  • Establish and maintain a social media presence for all OM activities and events.
  • Ensure photos taken at all OM events, especially the OM Show
  • Maintain the OM website
  • Surve as primary publicity contact for local newspapers, BBGC marketing

Special Events Committee

Chairman – Jay Bonetta
Co-Chairman – Craig Sgro
Lutz Bolte
George Klimek
Kostas Makris
Sigmond Seroczynski
Charlie Soto
Gene Turco

  • Regularly schedule programs throughout the year to inform, educate and/or entertain the membership.
  • Recommend and plan special events to promote camaraderie and fellowship among the OM’s and friends to include the June and September monthly meetings and the Christmas Party.
  • Provide a meal service at each regularly scheduled meeting of the OM’s at a breakeven cost to the organization for the year; responsible for food purchase, food preparation, serving and clean up.

OM Show Committee

Chairman – Stephan Masotti

  • Plan, coordinate and monitor all activities and committees associated with the annual OM Show to include Stage & Scenery, Sound & Lighting, Tickets, Ads, Programs, Refreshments, Costumes, Ushers and Cast Dinner.