In 1942, the Association staged its first annual show. This was an amateur talent show and was the only show of its kind in the area. It also became a leading community event in Bristol. In fact, today it remains as the longest continuously running variety show in the USA.  It is also the organization’s major fund raiser.

The show has continued to evolve over the years. Three generations of local families have performed in the show. Children have become a large part of the show in the past ten years or so. A show today includes on average 80 children with an average cast size of about 180 people.

A typical show today, includes song and dance numbers with an adult chorus, a children’s chorus, a teen’s chorus, local dance studio performances and several solo and duet numbers. The OMs manage and staff several committees to make the show happen. These include, Stage & Scenery, Sound & Lighting, Tickets, Program, Ads, Publicity, Costumes, Refreshments, Ushers and Cast Dinner.